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« MasterChef (R) (2hrs) (OTO) (TV-14) Forty of the top home chefs in the nation are selected to participate in a cooking competition judged by three critically-acclaimed culinary experts.
FOX 11 News at Nine (New) Late breaking news events and top stories of the day are updated by the FOX 11 Nightly News Team, along with the latest weather and tomorrow's forecast.
Mom Mashed Potatoes and a Little Nitrous (HD, TV-14) Bonnie relapses and tries her best to keep it a secret from Christy, but to no avail, causing a huge rift between mother and daughter.
Mom Cotton Candy and Blended Fish (HD, TV-14) Bonnie and Christy go well out of their way in an attempt to help a sick friend in need; Violet is frustrated by the realities surrounding pregnancy.
Two and a Half Men Weekend in Bangkok with Two Olympic Gymnasts (HD, TV-14) Alan falls from a ladder while fixing the television reception; Charlie agrees to watch Jake, but regrets his decision when Jake blows his chance with a woman.

« Once Upon a Time in America (TV-MA, R, ***+) An aging man returns to the tough New York neighborhood where he grew up to end his exile, learn the fate of his best friends and examine his violent past.

« S.W.A.T. Dallas SWAT - 11
Dog the Bounty Hunter Do Unto Others (HD, TV-PG) Dog agrees to help a man who has had numerous run-ins with the law but is now trying to turn his life around and hunts a woman with numerous drug arrests.
Dog the Bounty Hunter If the Shirt Fits ... (HD, TV-PG) The team feels compassion for a female fugitive when her young daughter sees her mother arrested; Dog refuses to wear a shirt Beth brings him.
Dog the Bounty Hunter Tough Love (HD, TV-PG) Dog tracks a known abuser who is wanted for selling drugs, stealing and violating his parole, but the biggest hurdle is convincing his girlfriend to help.
Dog the Bounty Hunter In Sickness and in Health (HD, TV-PG) Even an illness won't keep Dog off the hunt as he tracks a man whose girlfriend is helping him hide, and after the capture the fugitive tells of his struggles.
Intervention Jacob (HD, TV-14) Jacob's substance abuse began when his mother was jailed during his senior year of high school and escalated to an overdose incident requiring an intervention.

« Building the Brand Jack Daniels (HD, TV-PG) A look at the production of one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in America as cameras capture the creation from start to finish of Jack Daniels.
Building the Brand John Deere (HD, TV-PG) An astonishing look is taken at the construction of one of the most vital contributions ever made to the commercial agricultural industry.
Most Daring Family Feuds (TV-14) A father decides to step in with a crowbar in order to put an end to a backyard brawl between two teenagers; two drunken brothers take on a bouncer.
Swamp Loggers Money Pit (HD, TV-PG) Circumstances force Bobby and his team to move their operation to a different location only a few weeks into the new logging season.

« Magnum P.I. The Day It All Came Together (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Hannah seeks help from Magnum to locate her missing father, a CIA agent; Magnum tries to convince Higgins to work as his private investigations partner.
Blue Bloods Something Blue (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A witness' story makes Erin question Eddie's honesty while his and Jamie's wedding day approaches; Danny and Baez unravel a victim's complex love life.
News 13 @ 10PM (New) The News 13 Team presents the latest look at the top news events of the day, late-breaking news stories, Tucson area weather and tomorrow's forecast.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (HD, TV-14) Using his personal style of humor and thought-provoking discussions, Stephen Colbert explores a wide variety of topics in entertainment, politics and music.

The Andy Griffith Show A Black Day for Mayberry (TV-G) Golden bricks, which are worth a whopping $7 million, pass through Mayberry on their way to Fort Knox from the Denver mint, prompting an elaborate reception.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer Overcomes the Obstacle Course (TV-G) A Marine begins to annoy his drill sergeant with his friendliness but has trouble completing the obstacle course, so he practices to make a good impression.
Green Acres Our Son, the Barber (TV-G) Eb decides to take on a new career when he chooses to become a barber, and tries to convince Oliver to pay for his tuition for a mail-order barber college.
Hogan's Heroes Monkey Business (TV-G) Hogan's latest escapee is an escaped chimpanzee who had just escaped from the local zoo and so that it may help the men at Stalag 13 deliver a radio part.
Hogan's Heroes Drums Along the Dusseldorf (TV-G) Hogan and his men set their sights on a German truck that is carrying an experimental jet fuel to Stalag 13; their efforts to sabotage the plan fail.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests David Hartman and Paula Kelly (TV-G) Carol plays a silent film actress who goes out to dinner for the first time in a long time; Caro has doubts about the doctor's treatments for her sick husband.

« NCIS: Los Angeles Random on Purpose (HD, TV-14) Forensic scientist Abby Sciuto joins the NCIS team when a murder case resembles the methodology of an untraceable killer she refers to as the "Phantom."
NCIS: Los Angeles Brimstone (HD, TV-14) The team races to find the members of a Marine's old explosive ordinance disposal unit after he is killed by an exploding cell phone.
NCIS: Los Angeles Breach (HD, TV-14) A Petty Officer's murder leads the NCIS team to suspect a teenager, forcing Sam to confront someone close to him who may have ties to terrorist activity.
NCIS: Los Angeles Past Lives (HD, TV-14) A recently released convict is murdered, forcing Callen to go undercover using an old alias while Sam and the team track him from a distance.

« CSI: Miami (HD, TV-14) Crime scene investigators at the Miami-Dade Police Department use the latest scientific equipment and deductive reasoning to unravel violent crimes in Miami.
Seinfeld The Apology (HD, TV-PG) George is angered when an old acquaintance withholds an apology; Jerry's girlfriend is too comfortable with her nudity; Elaine works with a germ-o-phoebe.
Seinfeld The Truth (HD, TV-PG) George's relationship with a former IRS worker may ease Jerry's tax audit worries, until she becomes his former girlfriend; Kramer is dating Elaine's roommate.
Family Feud (TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.
Family Feud (TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.
Mel Robbins

« Tengo talento, mucho talento Show #22 (Repeat) Concurso para mostrar el talento en la música, el ilusionismo, la acrobacia y el ganador se convertirá en un latino famoso y ganará 100 mil dólares.
Noches con Platanito El Bebeto (HD, Repeat) Revista entretenida presentada por Sergio Verduzo, el payaso para adultos en la que se presentan entrevistas, concursos y un segmento dedicado al humor.
Alarma TV (New) Revista de contenido entretenido que presenta historias con un toque especial, a veces irónico, a veces sorprendente, yendo más allá del contenido.
Noticiero Cierre de edición (New) Noticias nacionales e internacionales, historias y eventos que suceden en U.S. y el mundo, incluyendo México, América Central y Sudamérica.
LOL (Repeat)

« Star Trek Friday's Child (TV-PG) Kirk visits a primitive planet in an attempt to negotiate an important mining agreement, but he discovers that the Klingons have already arrived.
Star Trek: The Next Generation Redemption, Part 1 (TV-PG) When a civil war breaks out in the Klingon Empire, Worf must pick a side, while the crew of the Enterprise must deal with a Romulan intervention.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The Begotten (TV-PG) Odo's resentments towards Dr. Moira resurface after they are forced to work together in teaching an infant Changeling to shapeshift; Kira prepares to have baby.
Star Trek: Voyager Pathfinder (TV-PG) When the Enterprise-E returns to Earth, Lt. Barclay becomes obsessed with contacting Voyager, so he asks his old friend, Counselor Deanna Troi, for help.
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