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Maury DNA Drama...Did My Friend Have a Baby with My Teen Son? (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A woman wants to prove to her ex-boyfriend and his mother that he is the father of her daughter; a woman is certain that a man is the father of her daughter.
Family Feud (HD, TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.
Family Feud (HD, TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.
The Big Bang Theory The Boyfriend Complexity (TV-14) Penny manages to blindside Leonard into a lie when her dad comes to visit her; Howard, Raj and Bernadette pull an all-nighter at a telescope.
FOX 11 News at 5:30 (New) The day's top news headlines are examined by the FOX 11 News Team, along with the local events, sports, weather, traffic and other timely updates.

« Dog Day Afternoon (TV-14, R, ***+) A man becomes the center of a media circus after a bank robbery to fund his lover's sex-change operation turns into a hostage situation.
Screamers (TV-14, R, **+) A military commander and his squadron struggle to survive the onslaught of mechanical creatures that have been engineered to destroy all life.

Cold Case Files Killer in the County (TV-14) A suspected murder is released until a detective recovers incriminating evidence from a coffee cup, leading to taped confessions and an eventual death sentence.
Cold Case Files Presumed Dead; Tow Truck Killer (TV-14) DNA links a man to the brutal murder of his girlfriend, whose body was found in a refrigerator; hypnosis is used in the case of a murdered deputy sheriff.
LA Forensics Moving Target (TV-14) A man, who has no idea who wants him dead or why anyone would want to kill him, manages to survive 6 separate attempts on his life.
LA Forensics Trail of Ants (TV-14) The team investigates the murder of a woman who had filed complaints about a stalker who would throw dead animals on her property and vandalize her car.

Me Time with Frangela Parents On Social Media (HD, Repeat)
Right This Minute (HD, New, TV-PG) The interactive news program presents video from eyewitnesses around the world, revealing the latest in dramatic, thought-provoking, social and popular events.
News 13 @ 4PM (New) The day's major news events and late breaking stories are presented by the news team, along with the latest weather update and tomorrow's forecast.
News 13 @ 5PM (New) The day's top news events are examined by the News 13 Evening Team, along with the latest business, sports, weather and rush-hour traffic updates.
CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor (HD, New) Anchor Jeff Glor is assisted by the CBS News team to present featured news stories and personal interviews that cover developments across the planet.

The Rifleman The Angry Gun (TV-G) Lucas and Mark share a stagecoach trip with a marshal and his prisoner, but trouble arises when the prisoner's gang arrives to free him and to steal everything.
The Rifleman The Young Englishman (TV-G) Lucas finds himself in more trouble than he expects when he makes accusations that the foreman of a neighboring ranch rustled some of his cattle.
Wagon Train Countess Baranof Story (TV-G) When a countess learns that Alaska may soon be sold to the U.S. government, she tries to convince Flint to leave the wagon train and guide her there.
Charlie's Angels Angel Flight (TV-PG) The angels go undercover as stewardesses in order to catch a killer but get into trouble when they are left without a pilot and must land the plane themselves.

Laramie Death Wind (TV-PG) A tornado is heading towards Laramie and the Sherman Ranch, and Slim, Jess, Andy and Jonesy are rushing to prepare the ranch for the storm.
Laramie Day of Vengeance (TV-PG) Jess Harper is appointed the special deputy marshal and must escort an accused murderer from Cheyenne to Laramie by stage; the stage is ambushed.
Bandolero! (TV-14, PG-13, **+) When his brother and his friends are sentenced to hang for murder, a man disguises himself as a hangman in order to assist their escape.

Last Man Standing Mother Fracker (HD, TV-PG) After Vanessa gives a complex presentation about her work for an oil company at Eve's career day, the class accuses her of destroying the Earth.
Last Man Standing Circle of Life (HD, TV-PG) Mike brings home a dead duck he shot for dinner, and Kristin is horrified that he would expose Boyd to the violence of death; Boyd stops eating meat.
2 Broke Girls And the Old Bike Yarn (HD, TV-14) Caroline finds an isolated bicycle and decides to use it to launch a delivery service for their cupcake shop, but realizes Max does not know how to ride a bike.
2 Broke Girls And the Candy Manwich (HD, TV-14) A cute candy store owner shows signs of interest for Caroline, but she's too embarrassed to see him after a humiliating experience at his candy store.
Mike & Molly Dips & Salsa (HD, TV-14) Mike asks Carl to take his place as her dance partner at a salsa dancing class but grows jealous when he realizes she is having more fun without him.
Mike & Molly Dennis's Birthday (HD, TV-14) Mike's mother, Peggy, is not prepared for the type of surprise she experiences when she decides that she wants to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday.

« Película (TV-PG) Título por anunciar
I testigo (New) El público envía imágenes y su historia contando lo que sucede a su alrededor, ya sea nacional o internacionalmente; son imágenes relevantes, informativas.
Qué jalada (HD) Un espacio en el que se muestran videos graciosos de cosas extraodinarias que han sido puestos en el Internet.

JAG Recovery (TV-14) A member of the Space Shuttle team is killed because of sabotage, but the prime suspect is needed to complete its crucial mission to repair a spy satellite.
JAG The Prisoner (TV-14) While sailing near Hong Kong, Harm is captured by the Chinese, who employ mind games to extract information on the U.S. position in a territorial dispute.
JAG Ares (TV-14) During the testing of a destroyer's new defensive system, a system malfunction occurs which allows the ship to drift toward the waters of North Korea.
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